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Go-To Student App

Established in 2017, the FreeHour app provides a unified platform for students from the University of Malta, MCAST, and all 6th forms, simplifying their daily student life with an array of academic and youth-oriented offerings.
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Timetable Management
& Sharing Features

Students can easily input their schedules into FreeHour, facilitating schedule comparisons and helping them find common free slots to meet friends.
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Track Discounts, Stipend, Internships & Jobs

With FreeHour, students & youths are able to access local discounts, whilst also exploring internship and job opportunities and tracking their stipend.
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Assignment, Exam & Attendance Tracking

FreeHour allows students to easily manage their academic responsibilities, while also helping them keep tabs on their lecture attendance.

Youth-Specific Content

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Leveraging our profound insights into the local Gen-Z demographic, FreeHour uses its Instagram & TikTok channels to produce and curate enjoyable, informative, and educational content tailored to the students & youth.
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Local & International News Coverage & Updates

FreeHour publishes local & international news, carefully curating the style and visuals to be easily digestible for the younger audience.
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Educational Content & Engaging Campaigns

FreeHour fosters awareness, initiates dialogues, and provides support to the youth through diverse educational content and campaigns.
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Engaging Videos, Challenges & Giveaways

FreeHour produces a wide range of entertainment content pieces, ranging from videos, quizzes, social experiments & more.
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Latest Projects

Explore our latest projects, where innovation meets impact! FreeHour is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge initiatives to Malta's students & youths. Join us as we create positive change and shape the future.

Video Series

Explore our exciting ongoing video series! From informative content to entertainment, we've got it all for Malta's youth, specially tailored to Instagram & TikTok.

Advertise with us

Advertise with us and tap into a 90% reach among youths, students, and graduates. Boost your brand's visibility on our platform and engaging Instagram account. Connect with the younger demographic effortlessly.
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Social Media Promotion
& Content Creation

Supercharge your online presence with FreeHour! We're pros at Gen-Z-focused social media promotion and content creation on Instagram & TikTok.
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In-App Targeted Promotion

We excel at in-app targeted promotion. Connect with Malta's Gen-Z audience and boost your brand through Banners & Push Notifications to our user base.
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Graduate & Youth Targeted Recruitment

Recruit top talent with FreeHour! Our expertise lies in graduate and intern targeted recruitment. Find the best candidates for your team with ease.
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Our Mission

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FreeHour is Malta’s leading platform for everything student & youth. Our mission is to inform, entertain & educate our audience by crafting a relevant, accessible, and relatable platform specially designed for Gen-Z.
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