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Uni & College students!

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How it works

Share your timetable with friends & find out who's FREE on campus!

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Step 1

Input or import your timetable


Step 2

Add friends on FreeHour

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Step 3

Share your timetable with friends

Main Features

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Your daily timetable, made simple!

To set up your timetable on FreeHour, there are a few simple options to choose from:

1. Input your timetable manually into FreeHour by adding your lesson times, choosing colours and adding venues.

2. Import your timetable from a friend who has the same (or similar) timetable and then further customise it to your liking.

3. Sign in to Google Calendar and sync your timetable directly to FreeHour, which will show you live updates for the upcoming 7 days of the week.

Share your timetable with friends & find out who's FREE! 

Once your timetable is added to FreeHour & you've added friends using Facebook or email, you can now find out when you and your friends share common free time together 👇

  • Tap on any slot during the week & a view a list of which friends are free at that particular time.

  • Tap the Now Free button on the timetable screen to see who's free at the current time.

  • Visit a friend's FreeHour profile & view their Full Timetable (if they give permission) along with a full list of all the common free time you share together.

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More Features

Never miss a lesson with Lecture Reminders

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Never miss a deadline with Tasks & Assignments

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Keep track of your exams

with Exam Countdown

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Hundreds of Part-Time & 

Full-Time Student Jobs


Save from your favourite outlets with Student Offers

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Never miss an event with  Student Events

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