Unveiling "Hidden Gems": FreeHour's Expedition into Malta's Best-Kept Secrets

Embarking on a mission to uncover the lesser-known treasures scattered across Malta, FreeHour proudly presents "Hidden Gems." This captivating series, born out of the desire to spotlight the undiscovered wonders of the island, takes viewers on a journey to explore the hidden and underrated spots that often escape the limelight. With a focus on unearthing unique cafes, restaurants, and other hidden gems, the series has quickly become a beacon for locals and visitors alike seeking to discover the soul of Malta.

Launched as an ode to the unexplored beauty that lies beyond the conventional tourist paths, "Hidden Gems" introduces viewers to the secret corners of Malta that are often overlooked. The series is a testament to FreeHour's commitment to showcasing the rich cultural tapestry and diverse offerings that make Malta a truly unique destination.

One of the primary objectives of the "Hidden Gems" series is to shed light on local establishments that contribute to Malta's cultural richness. From quaint cafes tucked away in narrow alleys to charming restaurants with a story to tell, the series serves as a guide for those eager to explore the authentic flavours and hidden narratives that define Malta's lesser-known gems.

The heart of the series lies in the exploration of Malta's vibrant culinary scene. Each episode delves into a different cafe or restaurant, revealing the distinctive qualities that set these establishments apart. Whether it's the cozy ambiance, the unique menu offerings, or the fascinating stories behind the owners, "Hidden Gems" brings to the forefront the hidden culinary treasures that deserve a moment in the spotlight.

As "Hidden Gems" continues to gain popularity, FreeHour is excited to unveil more episodes that will explore new and exciting places across Malta. The upcoming episodes promise to introduce viewers to even more hidden treasures, sparking a sense of adventure and curiosity in those eager to uncover the island's best-kept secrets.


"Hidden Gems" stands as a testament to FreeHour's dedication to showcasing the authentic and lesser-known facets of Malta. By taking viewers on a journey to explore hidden cafes, restaurants, and other gems, the series invites individuals to connect with the soul of the island. As the series unfolds, it not only uncovers the richness of Malta's cultural and culinary landscape but also reinforces the idea that the true beauty of a destination lies in the undiscovered.

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