FreeHour's Journey

The concept of FreeHour took shape during the early university years of its founder, Zach Ciappara, when he was just 18.

Recognising the challenges faced by fellow students in managing their time and resources, he envisioned the creation of a platform specifically designed for students and youths in Malta.

In 2017, FreeHour Malta was born with a mission to become a central hub offering services, tailor made content, and various opportunities, all while nurturing a thriving community.

freehour team photo in polaroid format
freehour team photo in polaroid format

The Early Days

Initially introduced as a straightforward timetable-sharing app designed for local students, FreeHour quickly became a sensation, seamlessly integrating itself into the daily routines of the youth.

As our user base expanded, FreeHour underwent a remarkable transformation into a multifaceted student platform, addressing an even broader spectrum of needs.

Thanks to our innovative approach and a deep comprehension of the Gen-Z mindset, we were able to craft content and services that deeply connected with our student audience. This rapport was pivotal in rapidly earning their trust and unwavering loyalty.
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Platform Growth

As FreeHour's vision transcended mere convenience, our brand matured into a platform that seamlessly unites students, employers, and businesses to forge meaningful connections.

With each innovative project, our platform's following expanded at an impressive pace.

Today, boasting a user base that exceeds 57,000 students and youths aged 13-27 on both the app and Instagram, FreeHour has evolved into Malta's largest Gen-Z hub.

It not only delivers significant value to its dedicated followers but also plays a pivotal role as a bridge connecting businesses with the younger demographic.
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freehour team photo in polaroid format

Community Focus

FreeHour's profound success can be attributed to its profound sense of community building.

Our in-depth understanding of the Gen-Z mindset revealed that traditional marketing methods held little sway over this tech-savvy and socially conscious generation.

Instead, Zach and the team honed in on authentic storytelling, and engagement. FreeHour's content revolved around creating meaningful conversations and relatable experiences, fostering a community-driven atmosphere that deeply resonates the younger demographic.

Team Expansion

As FreeHour Malta grew in popularity, Zach and his team faced new challenges.

Scaling up the platform and team while maintaining a personalised touch was a delicate balancing act. However, FreeHour evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the Gen-Z demographic, ensuring its relevance and impact in the digital landscape.

The FreeHour team is now made of 16 full-time young and talented individuals. Through this growth, Zach was able to build a Gen-Z first company, focused on soft skill and life learning opportunities for his team to thrive and grow.
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Our Values