Unveiling “Sh*t School Didn't Teach You” Video Series: A Journey into Practical Education


In 2022, FreeHour took a bold step toward filling the educational gaps that often exist in traditional school curricula. Recognising a critical need to equip students with practical life skills that are often overlooked in the classroom, FreeHour launched a groundbreaking series called "Shit School Didn't Teach You." This innovative initiative, driven by insights from a Gen-Z survey conducted by FreeHour, aims to provide valuable knowledge on essential topics that are rarely covered in formal education.

The genesis of the "Shit School Didn't Teach You" series stems from a comprehensive Gen-Z survey conducted by FreeHour. The survey revealed startling statistics about the knowledge gaps present among students and young individuals in Malta. Armed with this insight, FreeHour identified a unique opportunity to bridge these gaps by creating a series of short, engaging videos that address practical life topics.

Launched in 2022, the series quickly gained traction and resonated profoundly with students and youths in Malta. Its success lies in the genuine response to a real need for education beyond traditional classroom boundaries. The series has become a go-to source for practical knowledge, offering a refreshing perspective on topics often overlooked by formal education systems.

Educational Focus

"Shit School Didn't Teach You" centres around providing practical insights into a range of crucial life topics. From understanding National Insurance in Malta to navigating the complexities of Debit vs. Credit, unraveling the mysteries of VAT in Malta, and delving into the intricacies of applying for loans, the series covers a diverse array of subjects.

Moreover, the series delves into key aspects of financial literacy, offering guidance on budgeting for students, decoding income tax, exploring funding opportunities, and emphasising the importance of lifelong learning. Each episode is crafted to be digestible, engaging, and relatable, ensuring that the information is accessible to all.

To enhance the impact and relevance of the series, FreeHour collaborated with JobsPlus, a strategic partnership that brought expertise and real-world insights to the forefront. This collaboration not only added depth to the content but also ensured that the information provided was practical and aligned with the current employment landscape.

After its initial success, the "Shit School Didn't Teach You" series is set to make a comeback on FreeHour. The upcoming episodes promise to delve into new and relevant topics, continuing the mission to empower the younger generation with practical knowledge that goes beyond the confines of traditional education.


"Shit School Didn't Teach You" stands as a testament to FreeHour's commitment to the educational well-being of the youth. By addressing the topics that traditional schools may overlook, this series serves as a valuable resource, empowering students and youths with the essential life skills they need for a successful future. As the series continues to evolve, it reinforces the idea that education goes beyond the classroom, shaping a generation that is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the real world.

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