Why Having The 1st Gozo Pride Is An Important Milestone

The Gozitan Perspective

Being part of the queer community in Gozo means you sometimes have to face comments & looks when walking in the streets, as well as the knowledge that people are talking negatively about you behind your back.

Across the Maltese Islands, people that are older & more religious may struggle to understand or tolerate people from the LGBTQIA+ community, while younger generations are more aware. Gozo’s small size also makes it harder to find safe spaces to connect with peers.

The issues every queer Gozitan faces is not new to the world - Gozitan society still has a lot of work to do to become more open-minded.

Online Hate Comments

In the digital age, we are now experiencing an influx of homophobic & transphobic comments. These don’t line up with the legal progression that Malta has experienced over the last 10 years.

More so, they violate the basic fundamental human right of every individual – to love unconditionally & to be who you truly are without the fear of prejudice & persecution.

Gozo’s LGBTQIA+ community won’t bow down to hate comments, but will instead continue to educate, share knowledge & work together for a future where no one is oppressed or silenced.

Gozo Pride March is an active demonstration aimed at being a safe & brave space for the LGBTQIA+ community in Gozo to be visible.

Will You Be Attending Gozo’s First Ever Pride March?

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