Today Is World Blood Donor Day! Here’s Why You Should Donate Blood

Raising Awareness

Every year, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day to raise awareness on the need for people to donate blood to other people in need.

There are people who are affected by various diseases or are in need of blood due to emergencies. Donating blood is the most altruistic thing one can do - you can save a life by donating your blood!

The slogan for this year’s World Blood Donor Day is “Give blood, give plasma, share life, share often.”

This Year's Objective

The United Nations aims to celebrate & thank individuals who donate blood while also encouraging more people to become donors.

This day also aims to celebrate the hard work of medical professionals that continuously work in the research & development field of blood.

People who are healthy are encouraged to donate blood regularly & as often as is safe.

This helps to build a secure blood supply in all countries around the world. There is a constant need for blood donations, especially to keep the health industry with a stable supply.

How You Can Donate

Blood donations take place at the Transfusion Centre in Guardamangia. This is open every day, including Sundays & public holidays, between 8am & 6pm.

The most frequently used blood types are O positive & negative as well as A positive & negative. Group O can donate blood to all other types, but O negative is especially needed since that type can only receive from the same group.

All healthy persons can donate blood as long as they don’t fall into a high risk group. You can donate blood starting from the age of 17. Anyone aged 17-18 has to fill in a consent form.

Have You Ever Donated Blood Before?

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