Private Jetting: Celebs & Politicians Harming Planet With Expensive Habits

Taylor Swifts' Jet Rides Explained

A recent study by Yard Agency found that Taylor Swift had the highest carbon dioxide emissions from her private jet among celebs.

Yard claimed that Swift's private plane had flown 170 times in the first 200 days of 2022, emitting over 8.2k metric tons of CO2.

Swift's representatives responded that she isn't responsible for all the flights as she loans her plane to other people regularly.

However, people are still criticising her, since she is the actual owner of the private jet.

Celebrity Culture Of Jets

Taylor Swift isn't the only person under fire for jetting around the world. Celebrities tend to be disproportionally wasteful when it comes to their flight habits.

Next to Swift, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Drake & Kim Kardashian have all faced rightful criticism over their misuse of wealth. Kylie Jenner has used her jet for a trip that required less than 3 minutes in the air, but produced significantly more CO2 emission than a car ride.

This has led social media users to criticise celebrities' use of private jets, claiming they use them "like they're in an Uber".

Why CO2 Is So Bad

Although cordon dioxide, is a natural gas, humans have been releasing CO2 quicker than it can be re-absorbed naturally (like when taking 20-minute private flights).

As the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere increases, so does the warmth of our planet. When celebrities & major companies take shortcuts in environmental preservation, they cause the greenhouse effect to become more commonplace.

This refers to excessive amounts of CO2 that create a cover that traps the sun's heat in an atmospheric bubble, warming up the Earth.

Lack Of Awareness

Last year, world leaders like Boris Johnson were also mocked for using over 400 private jets to fly to Glasgow for a UN Climate Summit, emitting over 13k tonnes of CO2.

During the event, the leaders discussed solutions for lowering carbon emissions, but then flew back to his city on his private plane afterwards. Social media started calling out these leaders for their hypocrisy, stating that change will never start happening if states are corrupt from the base.

Private jets are typically used by powerful people with large sums of money feel. They do this without considering the impact that this transportation method is having on the environment.

Should Celebrities Continue Using Private Jets?

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