Malta's Traffic Problem Won't Get Better Till Our Public Transport Does

The Current Issues

It's no secret that Malta's public transport has all sorts of problems, which generally result in the system often being unreliable.

They either don't come on time, don't come at all, or are too full so they don't stop.

You're at the mercy of the buses, which makes planning ahead extremely difficult. Thankfully, the government made public transport free for students - though they still avoid it if they can.

When youths in Malta turn 18, they want to get their license to stop using public transport. That's a problem - but you can't blame them.

Idealistic, Not Realistic

The way Malta's bus routes are mapped out needs to be re-considered.

Plenty routes have too many people getting on at particular stops. Others have too much traffic in areas, making them late for other stops.

Oftentimes, 3 or 4 buses pass by the same stops on similar routes, right behind each other, making them futile.

One solution to improve the efficiency of bus routes could be to have more direct buses from one locality to another, rather than having long routes that try to hit multiple bus stops.

Some Other Possible Solutions:

  • Increasing frequency of buses in rush hours.
  • Building more 'main terminals' like University of Malta, Buġibba & Valletta for people who need connecting buses.
  • Improving the quality of service while on the bus - especially with ACs, leaks & noise.
  • Upgrading infrastructure at bus stops.
  • Improving the Tallinja App to make it more efficient & user-friendly.

We also need a change in mentality, however. We rely heavily on our cars as individuals, & we won't see major changes until collective effort is made to trust in public transport. It'll promote more investment, & it'll help get cars off the roads too.

Do You Have Thoughts On How To Improve Malta's Public Transport?

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