First Impressions Count – New Job Edition

Nicky Gambin

If you’ve managed to land the job you wanted, great! Now let’s talk about how you can make a good first impression when you start working at a new company. You’ll only meet someone once for the first time, so make sure that when you meet your coworkers & leaders, you make a positively lasting impression.Here are some ways you can make sure to start your professional journey at a company on the right foot:

1. Punctuality

This may seem obvious, but punctuality is probably the best way to make a positive immediate impression. Arriving on time not only demonstrates your commitment to being professional, but it also shows that you respect your colleagues & the work you’re all doing at the company. Being punctual sends a clear message of value &responsibility, as well as a level of reliability on your abilities. Always aim to be early, so that you’re never late!

2. Dress Code

Almost every company across the world has dress codes. Some may be stricter than others, but regardless of how stern your office may be, physical appearance is usually the first thing people notice. By following the dress code, you show respect for the company's standards, as well as a commitment to representing your company according to their values. So whether you’re wearing a business fit, casual clothes or a uniform, dressing in accordance with your company sets a professional tone & gives you a sense of belonging with your coworkers.

3. Be Proactive

It’s never too early to be proactive & start going the extra mile in taking initiative.Instead of waiting to be told exactly what to do, proactively seek out opportunities, solve problems & anticipate the company’s needs. By consistently demonstrating that you have a proactive mindset & you can take ownership of your responsibilities, you are bound to establish yourself as a reliable & valuable asset to the team.

4. Listen Actively

There’s hearing & then there’s listening. When you’re being given a task or updated about company matters, it’s so crucial to attentively listen to instructions &feedback. It will allow you to grasp key information from meetings, while also making it easier to add impactful contributions into the conversation. It once again also shows a level of respect you have towards your company, and highlights to your coworkers that you’re willing to listen & are receptive to feedback. So make sure that whenever you have meetings, feedback sessions or even just casual lunchtime conversations, you listen well, because your coworkers will like you for it.

5. Network & Build Relationships

Unless you’re part of a one-person company, you won’t manage to succeed in yourcareer without making meaningful connections with your fellow colleagues. When you actively engage with others, you demonstrate your interpersonal skills,approachability & willingness to contribute to the team's success. By actively listening (refer back to point 4) you will also nurture genuine relationships, creatingan overall more positive & inclusive work environment. And happy people tend to produce better work, so it’s a win-win for everyone in the company!

6. The Company Culture

Understanding the culture & norms of your team is a must if you want to work efficiently at a company. The company culture defines the values & behaviours that encompass the organisation and its identity, so if you want to make a positive impression, it may require you to adapt your communication style & practices to what fit them. By embracing what your company stands for, you will also be seen asa great team player who can establish themselves as a cultural fit!

7. Look for Feedback

No one likes getting negative criticism. But if you get ahead of review meetings & focus on gaining feedback for the work you’re doing on a regular basis, you’ll be less likely to receive negative feedback too often. Asking for ways you can improve also shows that you have humility & self-awareness in your skills, and that you’re open to constructive criticism to deliver higher quality work. It can be as simple as shooting a message to your team leader or asking your coworker for their opinion, but it’s bound to leave a lasting impression of you across your team.

Making a good first impression can seem intimidating but making an effort with a few small gestures can leave a big impact. Remember that the new people you will be meeting will also be trying their best to make a good first impression with you. So focus on being respectful and open to getting to know everyone.

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