CV Hacks – How To Make Yours Stand Out

Nicky Gambin

If you’re planning on joining the workforce, you’ll definitely be needing a bunch of documents like your CV, cover letters, portfolios and more. While it seems like a boring task, there are ways to make collecting all this data about your skills and abilities easier.Here’s how you can make sure that your CV stands out with potential employers!

1. Introductory Paragraph

Having a bio at the beginning of your CV allows you to quickly summarise your background, strengths & objectives. It also sets the tone for the rest of your CV, allowing potential employers to get an insight of who you are & what you can offer.It’ll create a strong first impression, which encourages recruiters to continue reading your CV with interest.

2. Languages

Knowing more than one language is a massive asset for the majority of companies today. Proficiency in multiple languages enhances your communication skills& provides a competitive edge in a globalised job market. Plus, being bilingual in a multicultural environment shows your versatility, adaptability & cultural awareness. It also opens you up for a higher collaboration potential with international clients &associates!

3. Tailored Work

Having a CV directly tailored to the type of job you’re applying to will help showcase only the relevant work experience & skills you have in order to do your job. It also demonstrates a genuine interest in the position you’re applying for, rather than just keeping a generic CV others might be sending in to a company.

4. Include Keywords

Incorporating specific keywords that are relevant to the accounting field will enhance the effectiveness of your CV, especially when navigating through applicant tracking systems. Including phrases like ‘Financial Analysis’ or ‘GAAP Principles’ will ensure that your skills are aligned with the specific requirements of accounting roles you’re applying for. This will significantly increase your chances of being shortlisted for entry-level accounting positions.

5. Keep it Concise

Employers go through hundreds of CVs constantly. While it’s important that your resume highlights all the important skills and factors you have, it shouldn’t be longer than a page. If your CV is clutter-free, it will showcase your abilities more effectively& increase readability, raising the likelihood of getting employed by miles.

6. Extracurricular Activities

Including any extracurriculars and volunteer work you’ve done outside of formal schooling demonstrates you as a more well-rounded person with interests, qualities and drive to go beyond just what’s required of you at work. Employers highly value candidates who show a proactive attitude with leadership abilities and teamwork.

7. Stand Out Visually

Throw out the generic Europass CV template. Your resume should be tailored and customised to you, while also staying visually pleasing & easily consumable. Your paragraphs should be clean & organised – use fonts like Arial, Calibri or Times NewRoman to give a professional & sleek look. Make sure the document is also consistently formatted & looks the same throughout, so that it’s easy to navigate through it & doesn’t change haphazardly.

8. Update Update Update

Regularly updating your CV ensures that companies are receiving the most up-to date information about you and your latest achievements & experiences. It also shows that you have a level of organisation & proactivity that other applicants may not be showcasing.In a competitive job market, it’s important that you try your utmost to stand out from other applicants. You should always aim to be creative with how your resume looks, what you include & what you don’t include.By highlighting these points & including extra visual elements, you won’t only differentiate yourself from others, you’ll also make yourself a strong candidate for potential employers in the workforce.  

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