Calling all HR Managers & Business Owners! Be part of Malta's largest Gen-Z Recruitment Campaign

What's On Offer:

  • Gen-Z Recruitment & CV collection targeting 95% of Malta's youth
  • Employer Branding via content creation
  • Gen-Z at the Workplace' Scientific Data Report

FreeHour's Gen-Z Recruitment Month is a virtual recruitment campaign designed to help leading brands across the Maltese islands connect with young candidates looking to enter the working world or advance their professional careers. This campaign, now in its third edition, has become Malta's leading recruitment opportunity for both recruiters and Gen-Z job seekers.

The campaign, which kicks off on May 1st, takes place through FreeHour's mobile app with 38,000 active students and FreeHour's social media, with more than 54,000 youth followers, including many fresh graduates.

Further to this, earlier this year FreeHour launched the Gen-Z At The Workplace Survey, a scientific study done with the aim of understanding young people’s opinions of the workplace.

This resulted in a 150-page report, providing deep insights into Gen-Z's attitudes towards employment & careers, what they expect from employers & their place of work, as well as their future intentions. The report is filled with crucial information that scientifically and accurately depicts Generation Z at the workplace in Malta.

We collected a total of 4,716 responses from the Maltese public aged between 16 & 27. Out of these, 800 valid individual responses were then taken and analysed in collaboration with Marketing Advisory Services.

This data will be used during the Recruitment Month to help brands attract and retain their Gen-Z workforce, and the full 150-page report will also be made accessible for purchase at a discounted rate for clients participating in the FreeHour Gen-Z Recruitment Month.

How To Get Involved

To ensure that all our clients receive top-quality service & attention, we only have a limited number of slots available. You can get involved by getting in touch with our Sales Executive Daniel Grech below.

  • +356 79421200
  • Or book a meeting slot using here.

Need more convincing?

Here are last year's recruitment results 📈

Last year, 35+ local & international recruiters used our services to promote the vacancies to FreeHour's wide network of students & graduates. Whatever the industry your company operates in, our job is to take the recruitment information you provide us with, to then make it appealing & applicable to a younger demographic.

The FreeHour App is visited by 38,000+ users, making up 95% of students, youths & graduates in Malta. This talent pool expands to students attending University of Malta, MCAST & every single 6th Form. We also advertise vacancies outside the app through our Instagram profile, which has gained 54,000+ followers.

Last year, our campaign received a total of 3M+ recruitment impressions & 500+ CV collections though our channels.

FreeHour's engagement levels are considered to be above average in relation to the island's local media scene. On average, our Instagram content receives 1,700 likes per post 12,000+ story views. Feel free to check this out here.

Our goal for any brand that takes part in the FreeHour Recruitment Month is to position them as a top employer that Gen-Z candidates would be interested in working with, whilst providing potential candidates a user-friendly way to apply for vacancies that they are attracted to.

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