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A Modern Loneliness: Hyper Connectivity Vs Solo Disconnection

Keeping Us Connected

Can you imagine what getting through COVID would have been like without the internet?

Being online means that digital borders no longer exist. We can easily keep in touch with people who are countries away. Information has never been so readily accessible to us. Looking something up or keeping updated with what’s going on has never been easier.

Slowly slowly, things keep moving into the digital. Things like the Metaverse & digital fashion are breaking boundaries & pushing the limits of what is achievable.

Finding Your Community

It’s also become much easier to find a niche that fits your likes & interests.

The TikTok algorithm learns what you like & pulls you towards BookTok, FilmTok or RapTok. Instagram lets you find online communities you connect with. YouTube gives you all the long-form videos you could ever want.

From consuming all this media, you start to build personal connections & relationships with influencers & brands. There is so much out there that you’ll definitely find something that connects & resonates with you.

Overwhelming Pressure

However, sometimes, things can also get pretty overwhelming & draining.

If we’re always connected, then we’re always reachable to people. We can never truly switch off & disconnect properly, giving ourselves no time to breathe & just be.

There are also certain pressures that we put on ourselves when being online. Instead of just posting organically, we feel like we have to post to stay relevant or look a certain way.

Filters & editing apps can also change how we see ourselves & create unrealistic expectations.

NOMOPHOBIA: the fear of being without a phone.

PHUBBING: people who pay attention to their phone more than the people in front of them.

Sounds familiar?

Comparisons & Loneliness

This constant comparison to other people’s online personas can make us feel that we’re falling behind or that our lives aren’t good enough anymore.

These feelings then push us to retreat further into ourselves, creating a sense of isolation. We stop wanting to be around other people because we feel inadequate.

Social anxiety can also start creeping in. If we feel safer online, we start becoming attached & addicted to our phones & notifications. So much so that we turn to them if we’re ever feeling awkward in the outside world.

Finding A Balance

We need to get better at understanding our digital habits & making sure that it doesn’t just take over our lives.

If you’ve been looking at a screen all day, get up & do something active to wake up your body. Text your friends to keep in touch but also take the time to hang out in person too.

Above all, remember that our online personas are just a small part of who we are in the real world. And if it ever gets too overwhelming, just switch off your phone & disconnect for a little while. It’s not going anywhere.


How Do You Think The Digital World Affects Our Lives?

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