A Guide To Writing Your Assignments Efficiently & Productively

January Means Assignments

Once exam season creeps closer & lecturers start talking about deadlines, you’re hit with the realisation of how far behind you are. Suddenly you’ve got 10 deadlines & you’re drowning.

It’s hard to wing an assignment - even last minute ones. They require an element of planning.

Start by brainstorming some ideas & making some notes. Plan out a structure. Look at the question title & see what it’s asking you.

Need more help? Read on for a brief on how to write a kick-ass assignment.

How To Do Your Research

Finding your sources for an assignment can be difficult. Go through your notes & find the scholars your professor mentioned throughout the semester. To save time, check out the reference section of your books - that will take you to a bunch more sources.

Find texts or journals on online libraries. Not all sources are legit. Good sources come from university researchers, theorists reputable in the field, & even newspapers’ reviews.

Using your sources to back up your claims shows the reader that you did your research & you’re proving your point.

Next step is to read as much as you can. While reading, highlight the important bits & use some quotes.

Tips For Better Writing

You don’t have to be a wiz at writing - especially assignments. The first thing you need to keep in mind is to always stick to your argument when writing. Go back & re-read the title multiple times to not lose your focus point.

At times, you don’t realise that some sentences end up turning into convoluted paragraphs. Long sentences make the reader feel lost. Make your point & keep it concise - no need for extra words.

Plus, make sure you know which writing style you need (MHRA, APA, MLA & Harvard).

There are times when we feel anxious getting words onto the page, & that’s normal.
Sometimes it helps to just ‘vomit’ out the ideas & then build up the structure later.

Heavily Edit your Assignments

Once your assignment is done & ready, take a day before getting back to it to re-read, edit & finalise. You need some time to refresh your mind by taking some time away from the text.

Getting a 2nd opinion from a friend who’s not in the same course as you also really works. They’ll be able to provide you with an alternate perspective, helping to ensure that the argument is well-presented & text is properly structured.

Assignments take time, efficiency & consistency so if you follow these guidelines, you’ll submit a badass assignment - & you can keep track of it all with FreeHour’s Task & Assignments Section!

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