• Ryan Calleja Urry

Zoom Lecture Survival Guide - 7 Tips Maltese Students Need To Surviving A Digital Semester 👨‍💻

One word... 'Argh' 😡

A lot of you guys are stuck in virtual lecture rooms right now- we feel your pain. The hours at your desk really don't fly by especially when you're basically locked inside 😭 Not to mention that you somehow come out of these sessions of 'working' with absolutely nothing done.

Well, the days of sitting at your desk clueless are over, we're here to be your saviours with a few tips that should amp up your productivity ASAP 📈

#1 - Wake Up Early-ish 😴

STOP panicking, we're not talking 6 am, hear us out!

Waking up late means not only do you waste half your day, but you also wake up feeling fatigued. Waking up early on the other hand gives yourself time for a shower and breakfast, leaving you feeling way more motivated to get stuff done!

#2 - Fit Check 👔

As tempting as it is to wear your pajamas all day, sitting in your zoom class in a onesie is not as great as it sounds. Staying in your pajamas is very unmotivating 😴

Instead, try and get dressed. Being in your clothes ready for the day makes you more pro-active and energetic to get stuff done. Oh and you can still flex your fit on a zoom call FYI 😎

#3 - Prioritize Stuff 💁

Things can get overwhelming very fast, building up to cause a cluster of stress making you a mess 💀 So, try to make use of lists and lay it all out, prioritize your day.

Adding structure to what you do makes you far more likely to actually get it done... and be sure to schedule in breaks so you can have a few brain cells left! 🤯

#4 - LEAVE Your Room 🏡

We can't stress this one enough, get out of your damn room!

You cant just hibernate in your room ALL day. Even just getting up and moving from one room to another, or moving somewhere where you can get some sunlight, just get moving.

Try to change your environment at least once to keep your mind fresh and motivated ✌️

#5 - Mix it up 🌪

Online school can get pretty repetitive, the same thing day in day out. Try your best to mix up your timetable, spruce it up a bit. Maybe go on a jog, or study in a cafe.

Adding spontaneity will keep you from going insane, seriously, the last thing you want to do is spend hours hopelessly staring at your notes like a crazy person 🙃

Stay Positive 😭

Wifi & mic problems aren't fun, we know. Sometimes lessons lag, and teachers are just the worst at operating anything that's digital. Stay strong.

You'll get through this 😇

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