• Ryan Calleja Urry

YouTube Video Of 3 Guys Rating Maltese Girls From 1-10 Sparks Debate Around Female Objectification

With over 170,000 active users in Malta, Instagram has quickly become one of our country's strongest & most influential social platforms, typically consisting of people of all ages sharing their life through the lens of their phone, through very carefully edited posts & stories.

A couple days ago, 3 guys who run a relatively new YouTube channel uploaded a video of themselves viewing & rating several teenage girls’ Instagram profiles from ‘1-10’ whilst putting forward their own personal thoughts on the individual girls

- @keydimech

After this video came to the attention of the many girls who were mentioned, a few took to their personal social media to express how the 3 guys in the video were objectifying & itemizing the girls by carelessly using phrases such asshe’s fat” & “she has too much makeup” to describe their personal opinion.

The outrage from one of the girls was specifically reported in an Instagram post by SideSteet, which further fuelled the debate on female objectification & the morals behind posting this type of video without the person's individual consent.

The original video was later deleted by the YouTube channel, however, a second video was uploaded by the 3 guys just hours later.

Here, they sat & explained to the camera that they did not mean any harm whilst also claiming that certain phrases from the video were manipulated & taken out of context by the girls to make the guys “seem like bad people” & to twist the situation into to a discussion around feminism.

Being a sensitive topic, the situation has caused heavy debate amongst the youth community in Malta.

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