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Young Maltese Chef Representing Malta In Prestigious Global Competition - A FreeHour Interview 👨‍🍳

Christian Catania, a fellow student and aspiring chef, will be representing Malta in one of the world's largest culinary competitions in India this week, the Young Chef Olympiad.

He'll be going up against chefs from the top 60 culinary & hospitality institutions across the world. The panel of judges will be a tough crowd to impress, being comprised of some of the highest-rated culinary experts globally, alongside Michelin-star chef John Wood.

If Christian does manage to cook his way to the number one spot, he’ll be flying back to Malta with the YCO 2020 Champion Trophy...alongside a cool $10,000 in cash 🤑

An Exclusive FreeHour Interview With Christian 👨‍🍳

1. How long have you wanted to be a chef? 🍕

"I've wanted to be a chef from a very young age. I remember as a child putting bacon in the microwave and running to my mother being proud that I cooked something" 😂

2. Why do you love cooking? 🍔

"When I cook I get a certain feeling that's indescribable, it feels like a huge achievement when you get a plate done"

"A lesson I've learned is that everything in life requires patience, especially in cooking where a lot of waiting and timing is needed. Those who are patient will get what they deserve, in my case, a great plate of food!" 😍

3. What challenges do you face when cooking? 🍖

"Time management is the most stressful thing when becoming a chef, you have to be juggling 5 different ingredients at once whilst having the exact step-by-step plan memorised in your head. It's tough but it's always worth it in the end." 😇


4. Should more students pick up cooking? 🍉

"I'd highly recommend that more students like me pick up cooking, not only is it very rewarding, but it gives you an appreciation for all the effort that chefs all around the world put into your food for it to be perfect" 😉

start cooking, Gordon believes in you.

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