• Yana Bugelli

You Are Not Falling Behind - Social Media Is Just Pressuring You

Feeling Behind Is Normal

At some point or another, everyone has felt behind in life. Even if we don’t realise it, many do in fact identify with this feeling.

Keeping up with expectations of school, home & friends can take quite the toll. In addition to that, we have our phones to make us feel bad about ourselves, especially since we’re flooded with everyone’s highlight reels on our feeds.

We’ve all been there. We know how easy it is to start pandering through someone’s page & then fear whether what we’re doing with our own lives is right or not. Question is, why is our first impulse to criticise ourselves?


Appreciate Where You're At Now

Our society romanticises hustle & grind culture. Our feeds are flooded with how to do better, be better. It’s instilled in our general psyche. If we’re not working hard 24/7 then we’re wasting time.

The notion of “self-care” stemmed from being overworked. Personality traits like competitiveness are often seen as a virtue because it connotes motivation & drive, but in reality, it can rob you of a lot of joy.

Many of us struggle to appreciate where we are in the present & are always looking for “the next big thing”. But that mindset only makes you feel stuck.

“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” - John Lennon

Your Success Has No Deadline

We give ourselves a mental deadline as if success at one age is better than at another. There’s a belief that certain goals have an age limit - but this really isn’t the case.

Life doesn’t stop. We must stop fussing over arbitrary deadlines & focus on creating meaningful work that can cause change.

Our goals aren’t there to haunt us. They’re there to have something to look forward to. If all your goals are accomplished by 25, what’s the point of having them in the first place?

“Don’t let anyone rush you. No one is posting their failures” - Wesley Snipes


We Connect With Failure

We all enjoy success stories, but at the end of the day what binds us together is that we all fail. Relating with people is a far more powerful tool than any sort of materialistic success.

To some degree, we are all part of the problem. We’re all guilty of catching the perfect moment & posting our achievements online for all to see.

We should follow people that inspire us. But it’s also a good idea to follow people that are in the same boat (& there are a lot more of these than you think.) Remember: your online presence doesn’t define you or anyone else.


If you’re struggling with your mental health & need support, please reach out & seek help from professionals 💙