X-Factor Finalists Owen Luellen & Michela Give Out Gifts And Sing Carols To Hospitalised Children 💙

The cute lights are lining the streets, the trees have been set up and the Michael Buble Christmas Playlist is playing in almost every supermarket. It's the season, and with the season comes the spirit...

Loads of initiatives are taking place around the island, like the abseiling Santas we covered on the FreeHour Instagram - in the name of giving back and helping the less fortunate. That's not all either - Zanzi Homes are also doing their part to help children in need.


A Zanzi Zurprise

Last week, for the third year in a row, the kind and generous people at Zanzi Homes delivered presents to surprise children based in Mater Dei, in the Pediatric wards, as well as the Oncology wards.

There was a Santa and a team of helpers who gave out all the gifts, which ranged from a Nintendo Switch, mobile phones, tablets and toys for the children in Pediatric care, who were aged between 10 to 14 years old.

There were also more gifts given out in Oncology, the department dealing with cancer, which included motorized toys, a PlayStation, dolls, a Barbie van & play kit, bicycles and a wooden cottage. The kids here were aged between 3 and 9 years young.

The initiative was the idea of Zanzi Homes C.O.O. Fabio Zuccaro, shown below.

Fabio, Owen Luellen, Steve Mercieca, Michela & ex president Marie Louise Coleiro Preca


Christmas Carols With X-Factor Finalists!

They didn't stop at the gifts either! Zanzi also took the initiative to spread some Christmas cheer with the help of X-Factor Malta stars Owen Luellen and Michela - who sung songs and Christmas carols to get the kids smiling and happily embracing a jolly, positive spirit.

Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, ex-president of Malta and official patron of Zanzi Homes also accompanied the team to give out the gifts and spend some quality time with the children.


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