• Jamie Dent

Working Students In Malta Are Now Eligible For Wage Supplement Scheme 💸 🙌

Malta’s working students (and any pensioners among you) will now be eligible for the COVID-19 wage supplement. It's important to note that it will not be backdated, meaning students who worked in March/April/May will not receive supplements for those months.

Students falling under Annex A of the current wage supplement will be eligible for €600 (full-time) and €375 (part-time) per month until the end of September.

Previously, working students affected by the pandemic were not eligible for the wage supplement and were left with little or no income 😕

This latest measure was announced as part of PM Robert Abela’s new economic stimulus package, the 4th one since the start of the pandemic.

Those working in the tourism accommodation, language schools, events organisers, travel agents, and transport industries will be eligible for €800 per month.

Student organisation Pulse celebrated the news on Facebook following their successful campaign for the wage supplement scheme 🥳

If you're unsure about whether you're eligible or not, just contact the Budget Information Helpline on 80072207 or check out the Malta Enterprise website.

Struggling financially?

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