Working Maltese Students Have Been Left Out Of COVID-19 Wage Benefits & Everyone Is Furious 😡 💵

Student problems not being taken seriously? Shocker 😒

Not all students live at home in an upper-class lifestyle, many families have mounting expenses and little to no income, plus, many students even live alone and have to spend a whole lot of money on food and supplies that their parents aren't there to cover.

Following an official Pulse statement, it has come to the public's attention that the €500 wage supplement offered to local workers does not seem to apply to local students who are also very much in need of financial help - since they already receive a stipend.

We live in a society where students are encouraged to work, however, we believe that this contradicting measure is only penalising those who do” - Pulse said.

In their statement, Pulse explained - “It is not easy being a full-time student and be employed on a part-time basis at the same time, however, students manage to do both - as €90 a month for many students is simply not enough to get them through the month.

With the above being said, this should not be a situation where students must choose between their stipend and the supplement, both should be received!


What Next? 🤔

Well, multiple angry Facebook posts have been made & student bodies making official statements, now it's a waiting game to see if our government reacts positively to help their student population.

What do you think? Are students in need of this supplement? Would it help you?


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