• Eve Sheasby

Winter Is Coming ⛈ Temperature Drop On It's Way To Malta! 📉 😱

Time To Bust Out Your Fluffy Jackets ❄️

The summer sun is now officially leaving us. For all you winter freaks out there, your time is fast upon us. Pull out your blankets, hot chocolate and hoodies, it's time to layer up🧣

Overlook Of This Week 👀

  • The temperature is expected to take a huge drop over the next three days, with winds climbing up to force 4 and 5 (which is hella windy) 😬

  • Tuesday is predicted to have showers and potential of thunderstorms!

  • Malta International Airport predicting temperatures of 15°C - 20°C 📉

Hoodie Time 🧥

Malta Weather predicted that temperatures are going to be cold on Tuesday due to “much colder air from northern Europe” heading towards us 😍

“temperatures feeling as cold as 12°C at times.”

Sounds good to us! We're very ready for the cold, our sweatpants on already in fact.

If you're stressing about over-layering yourself, don't. There's a 65% chance that temperatures will go even lower than 12°C - so need to stress!

Don't Get Too Excited! 😭

Thursday & Friday aren't predicted to be as chilly, with temperatures rising back up. Thursday is expected to be mainly sunny, with Friday looking a little cloudy.

Still though, the cold is coming...

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