• Ryan Calleja Urry

More Rainy Days Ahead 🚨 Here Are 6 Underrated Uni Spots To Stop You Getting Soaked ☔️

December's Coming Up Real Quick 👀

The rainy season is right around the corner! While Netflix with a hot drink is always super cosy, but getting caught in the rain and crowding into a fully packed canteen like a box of sardines? Not so much.

So, to save you from such that nightmare, we've compiled a super convenient list of spots that are perfect for UM students to chill out at (or warm-up) in the coming storms.

P.S. If you want to know exactly how to reach these spots, there's a handy map with matching numbers at the end of this article 😉

1 - The Chapel 🙏

Not trying to force you down the path of priesthood here I promise, it's just a cool spot.

The church has been sheltering people for centuries, so you know they have experience in keeping people comfortable. You don't even have to enter the chapel either, there's a nice foyer where you can hide from the cold, offering tea and coffee completely free of charge.

AND they've got a microwave! Hallelujah.

2 - I.T. Services 🤓

The most modern and aesthetically pleasing spot on our list, located opposite the ICT Block.

Here, you can find a great workspace with tables as well as sofas, a pretty good choice if you're looking to collaborate on some group work with your fellow students.

3 - The Redbull Chill Zone 🛋

Located on the right side of the canteen as you're walking towards the counter, this spot is super cosy. There are swings, bunk beds, cushions, and it's a great way to spice up your canteen visits. Careful though, this option is usually kinda busy 👀

As long as you're practising social distancing, you should be fine.

when the bunk beds aren't taken

4 - Faculty Of I.C.T. Common Room ⚡️

We know how tough it can be to find empty classes at UM, thankfully, this common room is always available. To access it, just visit level -1 in Block B of the I.T. Faculty. They've got sockets to charge your devices, and plenty of seating to recharge your legs too 😅

*update* - this location is currently closed.

5 - The Old Humanities Building 📝

Another good place to kick back would be the reception area of the old humanities block, they've got good seating options with some sofas and a few stools.

Apart from that, you get the convenience of being able to ask the receptionists any general uni-related questions, like how to get to certain rooms, or whether or not you should kill your assignment partner because they can't put together a simple 3 slide presentation.

literally within 5 minutes of group work

6 - The Library 📚

God forbid you actually get some work done right? Well, you should.

Although a lot of the above spots we've mentioned are good for chilling, they're also good for working too, and the library is no exception. It's a classic option that we all know, but it's also one of the best places to head to when you need a distraction-free experience.

Bonus! - Your Reclined Car Seat 🚘

If all else fails, your car can serve as a pretty comfortable private room, especially if you have a buddy to keep you company.

You can get some work done on your laptop, do some studying, or just quietly listen to the pitter-patter of rainfall on your windscreen as you contemplate your overwhelming workload.

Very peaceful 😇

Spot Locations - Numbered According To Above List

Hopefully, this list helps you out in the coming winter season, and reduces the amount of time you spend getting soaked in quad 😅