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WIN With BRAVO: A Weekly Pool Day At Medasia Playa - Just Answer 1 Simple Question 😲

Ready For A Luxury Giveaway? 😎

Bravo Juices have teamed up with Medasia Playa to bring their customers a weekly pool day giveaway, every single Monday. Read till the end to enter 😉

An Incredible Range Of Drinks ❤️

Bravo comes in many different flavours and is an ideal summer drink for students. Health-conscious? Most of the Bravo flavour range contain added vitamins, so rest assured that you'll be drinking healthy.

Their refreshing, fruity options range from the traditional Sunny Orange, Green Apple, Sunny Pineapple or MultiVit, to the more exotic Sunny Strawberry or CocoAnanas - which is actually produced uniquely for Malta.

BONUS - NEW products being launched this Summer 👇

  • Sunny Mixers – a variety of products featuring Sunny Orange + Lemon, Sunny Orange + Ananas & Sunny Orange + Mango.

  • Bravo Senza Zucchero Aggiunti – enjoy all the goodness of Bravo without added sugar.

  • Rauch Ice Tea Zero – the all-time favourite summer drink in Lemon and Peach flavour will also be launched in a sugar-free version this summer.

An Amazing Prize 😍

The prize is an all-inclusive, expenses-paid pool day at the Medasia Playa for 1 lucky winner and a friend. You get 2 sunbeds, an umbrella, a free Medasia lunch, water & free wine!

And again, this giveaway takes place every single week ❤️

What better way to unwind this summer than a pool day? Medasia are known for having some of the best sushi on the island after all, that coupled with a few cocktails and some good company makes for an unbeatable day under the sun.

An Easy Entrance 🥰

The rules are simple – Bravo will be posting a question every Monday on their Facebook page, all you have to do to WIN is:

1) Answer the question correctly 😉

2) Tag your friends and share the post 🙌

The answer will then be posted, usually on a Wednesday, and the winner will be announced by the end of the week. The competition will run weekly for the next 5 weeks 🍹

Best of luck 😉 🍀

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