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WIN A €4,500 Scholarship By Getting The Highest Grade In This 7-Day Web Design Course 😮 🔥

7 Day Bootcamp? Sounds great 😎

The course, offered by STC Higher Education, will be taught face-to-face (finally a classroom and not a zoom call ❤️) starting Monday 27th July and ending Saturday 1st August, on a full-time basis from 9 am - 5 pm.

The person who achieves the highest grade in the course will receive a €4,500 scholarship for this diploma in a course for computing 🥰 Find out more below 👇


The NCC Designing & Developing Websites Course 💻

1) - What's The Course About? 🤔

This module covers the basic concepts & practical skills required in website design. This is done by providing a detailed understanding of mark-up languages, style sheets, design techniques and testing using both HTML & CSS Languages. 


2) - How Will I Learn & Get Assessed? ✍️ 

This unit will prepare you for an assignment which will need to be submitted towards the end of the course. The lessons are taught face-to-face, through lectures, tutorials, seminars and laboratory sessions, by NCC qualified tutors.


3) - Diplomas & Credits 🎓

The official name on your course certificate will read as NCC Designing & Developing Websites ( which is equivalent to 7.5 ECTS credits )

You'll also be able to follow up on this course, as it forms part of a 3-year degree!

This course is supported by the brilliant Get Qualified Scheme - which allows students to recover up to 70% of the money they spend on this course.

In this case, the course costs €580, but will only cost €174 after completion 🤯


4) - The Fun Part 🤑

The student who performs the best in class will be eligible for a scholarship of the NCC Diploma in Computing (MQF Level 5) with a total value of €4,500.

This course begins on a full-time basis, in October 2020. The 4.5K prize applies to the 1st year of a 3-year degree pathway. If you want to stop after the year is over, you can, and you'll still receive a diploma - or you can complete the full course to receive a degree 😇

Interested? Apply Here 😁

(Terms & Conditions apply, for more info contact: info@stcmalta.com)


BONUS: Not Into Website Design? Try Digital Marketing 💻

You'll be taught about various topics, ranging from the impact that digital marketing has in today's online economy, as well as how to practically implement strategies that convert as many customers as possible.

It's a Part-Time course, starting on the 18th July 2020 and ending on the 17th of October.

The lessons will mostly take place on Saturdays from 930 am until 130 pm, amounting to a total of 52 hours. The entire course, made up of face-to-face lectures, tutorials, seminars, and laboratory sessions, will cost you €580.

Apply here 😍


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