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WIN 3 Different Prizes By Filling In This Simple Erasmus Survey ✈️

Survey time 😁

Social inclusion is a priority for all Erasmus programmes, which is why this initiative is taking place, in order to improve the accessibility of the current programme as well as consider methods to improve participation.


Who Will I Be Helping? 🤔

A key subset of students that benefit from this survey are those from less advantaged backgrounds and underrepresented groups. In other words, minorities in need.

These kinds of underprivileged students stand to benefit greatly from Erasmus programmes.

In fact, the underprivileged that do decide to go abroad tend to get better degree results, have lower unemployment rates, are more likely to start their career in graduate-level jobs and have a higher starting salary than their non-mobile peers.

That's all great, unfortunately, only 7% of Erasmus students currently come from a disadvantaged or underrepresented group.

With your help, we can change this ✊🏽

The survey aims to understand the challenges students face when going on an exchange, it also seeks to understand barriers stopping students from going on an exchange.

Complete the survey here 👈


Want Some Incentive? 1 Survey = 3 Prizes 😍

By submitting the survey, students will be in the chance to win the following prizes:

1 - Interrail tickets for 2  🚂

2 - An Ultimate Ears Portable Speaker 🔊

3 - the chance to attend Asia - Europe Foundation's Young Leaders Forum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in November 2020* ✈️

Again, all you have to do to win is fill in this survey 👈

Note: The ASEF Young Leaders Forum is a go-to event for young professionals & students to unlearn and relearn new concepts, strategies, and actions on how to create a sustainable impact in society.


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