WHY?! 😱 Online Plane Tracker Shows Thousands Of Flights Still In Transit Despite Travel Bans ✈️

At first glance, this may look like an extreme number of flights in the air during such a scary and delicate time. First of all, there are usually WAY more flights in reality, but there are more reasons too...

1) - Back To The Motherland ✈️

Many countries have reached out to their locals travelling abroad to organise flights for them and give them a chance to return home. If Malta does go into a full lockdown for example, our locals would be forced to stay in a foreign country until bans are lifted, wouldn't be ideal.

Also, many Erasmus students have been forced to cancel their trips and return home too.

back on the rock

2) - We Need More Bans 🚫

Most countries still haven't even implemented comprehensive flight bans.

Malta will be implementing it's complete flight ban as of tomorrow.

Sure, there are places like Germany & Spain with complete bans - but others like the U.S. & Canada, France, Netherlands, Austria & even Italy only have partial bans. Not to mention places like Sweden or the U.K. that have implemented no bans whatsoever.

Gordon is furious

3) - Ghost Planes 👻

No, they aren't haunted.

"Ghost planes" refer to airlines that still fly their regular routes without passengers, simply to maintain their airspace in the sky. What this means is that because of how the airline industry works, certain routes are like "slots" and if you don't use them, you lose them.

a plane with 0 passengers is kinda spooky tho

4) - The Usual Suspects 📦

Finally, a big reason is the delivering of contextually specific, as well as general, supplies.

Generally speaking, considering we're an island, we strongly depend on the importation of pretty much all of our goods from other countries like food, water, toilet paper and anything else you can think of.

More specifically, there's also a lot of medical equipment being shipped in at the moment to accommodate for the pandemic we're going through, like respiratory devices, masks, sterilizers and much more.

Oh & let's not forget all of you using this time as shopping spree season on Amazon 👀

sale sale sale 😻

Want to see for yourself? 🤔

Flightradar24 is a site that allows you to track individual flights - as well as see the totality of all flights travelling around the world. Click the image below to go to the official website

Want to learn about proper quarantine procedure?

Check out this article on a few super educational websites you can learn from 😇