• Denise Perini

OPINION: Why Metsola’s Victory Is A Beacon Of Light For Young Maltese Women

Prefaces & Small Humble Beginnings

Let me start with a preface to that title. Roberta Metsola is a beacon of light for young people, & not solely those who identify as women. We all, however, know how Maltese politics is male-dominated, & how local companies tend to operate with men in top positions. Seeing a

female at the helm of such an institution signifies new hope for young Maltese female dreamers.

Metsola started from humble beginnings. She fought her way to the top after 2 failed attempts at being elected as an MEP to get to where she is today.

I know what this means for every girl watching today. I know what it means for everyone who dares, and who ever dared to dream.

- Roberta Metsola

Why This Means So Much For Malta

At the age of 43, Metsola is the youngest person in the history of the legislature to hold the post & the first woman in 20 years. She also holds the highest rank ever in Maltese political history.

As Metsola said, “I want to get out of this idea that Malta is small, that we need to be bigger.”

We are often forced to believe that it’s tough to make it away from our shores, but Metsola has proven that “we can have big ideas”, & that we can make waves both locally & abroad. We deserve a seat around the table & we matter.

The Symbolic White Jacket

The 3 EP candidates - who were all female - wore white at this morning’s vote. And it was not a simple fashion statement.

A symbol of purity, White is associated with the suffrage movement. The colour suggested that women could vote for politicians & policies that would better society. It is now a symbol of solidarity between women, for women.

Metsola mentioned that the last EP female president was Nicole Fontaine, 22 years ago. It wouldn’t be for another 2 decades that a female was elected - a truly historic moment.

I know I stand on the shoulders of giants. The shoulders of Simone Veil - Auschwitz inmate 7-8-6-5-1 - who tore off the shackles of that painful part of our European history to blaze a path through ceilings as the first woman to be European Parliament President; the shoulders of the millions of nameless women who endured so much & who fought for us to have the opportunities they were never afforded.

- Roberta Metsola

The Future For Maltese Youths

The future for young Maltese people is looking bright.

Roberta Metsola has set a precedent for all of us to look for opportunities beyond our shores. To dream big, and to achieve anything we put our hearts to with sheer hard work, dedication & above all else, humility.

Metsola may be one of the first Maltese women to achieve such a recognition, but she won’t be the last.

The recent shock of femicide & abuse may have felt like an attempt to silence us, but we won’t be silenced. We, like Metsola, will fight to break through the ceiling & show what - to be very blunt - boss ass b***hes are all about.

Congratulations Roberta On This Historic Achievement