• Corrine Zahra

Why It’s Important To Find Joy At Work & Outside Of It

Giving Yourself Purpose

Every experience will leave a certain impact on you - good or bad, you’re bound to learn something.

Work is meant to give you a sense of purpose. It’s pointless going to a job every day & dedicating so much time & energy if it doesn’t 
mean something to you. Contributing to something feels good & seeing your hard work pay off is rewarding.

Essentially, work can also mean tapping into your psyche in ways you didn’t think possible. Don’t hold back from being you.

Work is meant to also be a safe space for you to grow, learn & experience different situations.


But Working Isn't Always Fun

Issues do come up at work but that doesn’t mean they can’t be solved. Work could be stressful at times & it can get too much that you feel cornered.

We tend to take on too many tasks which is counterproductive. Rather, completing one task at a time will give you more satisfaction & drive.

And without realising it, you end up thinking about work even outside of working hours. It’s these moments that make you feel like work is taking over your life & nothing else lives outside of that.

Take a step back when work becomes too stressful.

Finding A Work Balance

The moment you clock out of work also means the second your mind shifts off work-mode because work isn’t everything.

Most importantly, you’re young so don’t be
a slouch & sit on the couch watching TV after work. Read, cook something new, invite friends over, or go out. There’s life outside of work - so enjoy it.

Yet work is also meant to be something you enjoy too - if it takes up so much of your time, you should feel comfortable & content in what you are essentially doing on a daily basis.


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