• Yana Bugelli

Why Do We Keep Trying To Be Happy All The Time?

Struggle Makes Life Worthwhile

What is your main goal in life? The common answer to this question is to be happy. It’s what our friends & family wish for us. After all, no one wants to see the people they love suffer.

We need to question exactly what happiness means & looks like to us. For some, it’s the feeling after a wild night out. For others, it’s a chill day by the sea with a drink & book in hand.

We all dream of reaching this perfect state of serenity, but is this really happiness? Look back at your most fulfilling moments - was happiness the only feeling you felt back then?


Highs & Lows Are Necessary

Let’s say you do get that to that point of perfect bliss. Most likely, you’ll end up asking yourself what’s next?

Life isn’t meant to remain static & it’s likely that you don’t want it to be anyway. There’s a certain beauty in its dips & peaks. These help you appreciate your successes when you finally get to them. You feel accomplished. You feel alive.

A story without struggle is far from interesting & more importantly, it’s not real. We all admire people who’ve managed to succeed & live a full life while overcoming difficult obstacles.

“If you’re feeling happy all the time, you’re most likely not being honest with yourself.”

Being Happy 24/7 Is Impossible

Focusing on being happy all the time isn’t a sustainable goal. Firstly, it’s impossible. Secondly, your life shouldn’t only be defined by whether you’re happy or sad.

Humans are complex. Our emotions can change in an instant without us really knowing why. Many times, we don’t get to decide how we feel. So why feel guilty for being upset?

Choosing to be happy isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers. While you can’t control the things that life throws your way, you can get better at knowing how to respond to them emotionally.

“You can’t heal if you keep pretending you’re not hurt.”


Let's Strive To Be Grateful

Emotions aren’t just switches we can turn on or off in our brains. We must try to lean into what we’re feeling & take care of ourselves.

Maybe the goal isn’t to constantly be happy but to be content. We can feel down while simultaneously being grateful for what we already have. We should be allowed to feel down while acknowledging that other people could have it worse.

Don’t feel forced into trying to always be happy. Try checking in with yourself now & again to assess how you’re actually doing & feeling.


If you’re struggling with your mental health & need support, please reach out & seek help from professionals 💙