• Daniel Tihn

Wheat Not Meat: Some Maltese Veggie Options Worth Trying

With Vegetarianism/Veganism becoming a growing trend, the quality of veggie dishes has drastically gone up. With most A-level students already in Summer, and Uni exams right around the corner, we think it's time to treat yourself a little with some healthy yet delicious dishes.

Balance Bowl

Starting off with the big boy, this vegan restaurant offers some of the tastiest and healthiest food on the island. Their menu consists of burgers, wraps, salads, and deserts yet as you eat it you don't even think about the lack of meat. With their homemade sauces, Balance Bowl's taste is sensational and, while a tad pricey, is most definitely worth the price. Also, Balance Bowl is listed on Time to Eat, allowing you to eat their delicious meals in the comfort of your own home.



When it comes to Mexican food on the Maltese Islands, Avotaco may take the crown. With a variety of food such as quesadillas, burritos, tacos, and nachos; Avotaco gives a new meaning to "delicious". As you craft your own meal, you can choose a vegetarian filling (you can also specify a vegan variant) and then add 4 extra toppings to your fresh dish, further customising your food experience. This business also only accepts cards, so no hassle with coins or cash getting in the way of you and your food.


Tuk Tuk

Located in Valletta and St. Julian's (Carob Tree Food Court), this small and stylised Indian restaurant offers a range of dishes and curries complimented with their selection of sides and starters. Their menu has many meat dishes yet it is easy to find the ones you want as they have the helpful indicators: (V) and (VG). Also offering delivery, you can eat some delicious Eastern cuisine on your sofa or go for a nice meal at their cute outlet in Valletta, either way their food will be top notch.



Speaking of Eastern cuisine, Okurama has some of the best (and affordable) sushi on the island. With many places to choose from, Okurama has a wide menu with a choice of a la carte or buffet putting it a step above some of the other sushi restaurants. With their 3 locations, each one has a different menu with certain commonalities to them, but when there isn't an item you want, the staff are very helpful in accommodating your foodie wishes.



All pizzerias offer vegetarian dishes such as margherita and funghi, but Sotto might do it better than most places. Their pizza's are arguably some of the best on the island, and while some people may prefer thick ones, Sotto's thin pizza dough is the perfect balance of crispy and soft, even making crust haters re-think their choices. Their little shop in Valletta makes you fall in love with pizza all over again, making you wonder why you would ever eat anything that isn't made up of dough, cheese, and tomatoes.


Vegetarian or not, each of these places offer different styles and cultures in their dishes, giving you something fresh and different. Being delicious and meat-free & aren't always exclusive, so the next time one of your veggie friends asks to go for dinner you can offer up one of these, giving them (and yourself) something to look forward to.

With more excellent vegetarian and vegan restaurants and dishes out there, what do you think should be included on this list? Tell us in the comments below.