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Whatever Voting Choice You’re Going To Make, Make It Consciously

Why Do We Vote?

Voting in Maltese elections is sometimes overlooked as just a simple decision.

Many people just decide to vote along with their family trends or what they feel based on other people’s opinions on social media.

However, what we don’t see is that this kind of voting can have a negative impact on our society & any election outcome.

Voting should be a conscious, thoroughly thought-out decision based on several different factors.


Malta’s Voting System

The biggest factor we tend to ignore when discussing politics is that we discuss political parties, political leaders, & often forget to discuss individual candidates.

Malta’s district-based voting system means that the area you reside in determines which candidates you can choose from.

Although these candidates usually form part of a party, each person has their own individual priorities & standpoints. Because of this, it’s extremely important to research the candidates you can actually vote for before heading to the polling station.


Cross-Voting Is An Option

When looking at the individual candidates themselves, the reality is that your views might not align perfectly with only one political party or one particular candidate.

You may find yourself agreeing with party A on 1 issue, & party B on another.

The good news is that you’re not forced to vote for candidates from 1 party alone. You can mix your vote between all 5 parties, as well as independent candidates.

There are options out there, you just need to do your research about them.


Drown Out The Noise

Some people love that election season, while others wish they could sleep through it all. Whether you like it or not, you’ve been hearing a lot of differing opinions about the election & who you should vote for.

But remember that YOU are the person that will be casting your vote. So make a list of what YOU care about, & decide on your vote based on those issues.

Choose the candidates that will represent your opinions & wishes if elected as a member of parliament.


Doing Your Duty

The notion that “I’m only one vote, it won’t matter” matter seems correct, until you realise that if 1000s of people take that same approach, it can completely change the direction of the election.

The general election of 2008 was decided by just over 1000 votes.

At the end of the day, this is the 1 day every 5 years where you can directly influence the future of the country & where it’s heading.

Don’t take that right & responsibility lightly.

Whatever Your Voting Choice, Just Make It Consciously.