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What To Do & What To Buy! A Guide To The Perfect Covid Valentine 🥰

It's Date Night 🤩

Okay, the current situation doesn't really lend itself well to a super fancy night out, but, there are still plenty of ways you can celebrate with your partner - we've also included a few quick gift ideas for you, in case you're shopping a little late 😅

(P.S. If the following aren't your thing, read on for details on our V-Day Giveaways!)

#1 - Bust Out The Tents 🏕

Arguably the cutest thing you can do with your partner is to lie down beneath the stars together and eat marshmallows by a warm fire. You can even snuggle up to a cute movie!

Great outdoors not your thing? You can also book a cosy getaway to a luxury hotel ❣️

#2 - Back To Basics 🍷

Want a classic night of romance?

One date idea that will never let you down is wine by the beach. The gentle sounds of the waves crashing, the cuddling, and the lovely conversations with your significant other.

(Pro tip: you can remove red wine stains by applying white wine to the area, so you have a brilliant excuse to just buy both 😉)

#3 - No Valentine's Date? 🤔

Listen, we've all been there. Relationships can be few and far between, but guess what? Relationships with your pets or your gaming consoles last a lifetime...

Treat yourself to a night in, or a walk to your local park with your doggo.

Love yourself for the day! After all, you're the most important person you should love 😉

Last-Minute Gift Ideas 🎁

Memorable 👉 Buy a digital frame that shuffles through all of your fave photos together!

Romantic 👉 Write 50 different things you love about your significant other on little pieces of paper and hide them all around their home - they'll love to find the unexpected surprises.

Wholesome 👉 Buy new blankets for cuddles, scented candles & make a bomb dessert 💕

Not Satisfied? 🤔

Luckily, FreeHour have 2 exclusive V-Day giveaways running - that you can enter right now!

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Have a loving day 🥰

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