• Daniel Tihn

Welcome To Our Summer Student Offers: Bringing Discounts Right To Your Fingertips 💸

As you all know, Student Offers is an important part of FreeHour. We try our hardest to bring you the best discounts & deals possible, so this Summer we are shaking things up a little. During the scholastic year, we would only have 2 offers a week but for this Summer, every offer is going to be up for the whole 3-month school break.

For the rest of the Summer, you aren't going to need to worry about what offers are ending and which are starting, because they are all gonna be there all the time, waiting for you to use it.

With deals being added every day, here are some of our current offers but don't forget to check the app to see any new discounts available.


Restaurants & Eateries


Other Services


Make sure to check out new offers as they start to come out and don't forget to use them! 💸