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Weekly Story Summaries #2 🙌 New Express Ferries, More Flights & Incoming Vaccines 💉

Round 2 👀

We're back with another news roundup, and this week has some pretty good news!

#1 - Port-To-Port Ferry & Bus Express System Launched Between Sliema And 3 Cities 😲

By combining land and sea, via 2 ferries and a bus, Marsamxetto Steam Ferry Services have come up with a new seamless transport link between Sliema and the 3 cities.

The full trip from one end to another will last just 40 minutes, and cost only €5 - serving as Malta's first-ever inter-island transport service.

Travellers will take start off at either end, be it Sliema or the 3 cities, cross over to Valletta via ferry, and catch a quick bus across the city to meet the ferry on the other side, which will then take them to their final destination.

This service will also be improved soon, with new electric buses being delivered right now.

“We are putting into practice our vision to offer commuters a quick, cost-effective and efficient transportation option that will save them time and reduce congestion on Malta’s roads”

- Marsamxetto Services CEO Edward Zammit Tabona.

#2 - 24 More Countries Added To Malta's Amber List ✈️

Malta's health authorities have decided to revise travel regulations, just in time for the Christmas season. An additional 24 countries have been added to Malta's amber travel list - which is now made up of a pretty significant 41 countries.

Just as a reminder, amber list countries are those that need to present a negative COVID-19 test done not more than 72 hours prior to landing on the islands.

The full list of countries is as follows:

Despite Malta's consistent case numbers, travel seems to finally be opening up. Is there hope? Well, there might be some on the horizon thanks to our next story...

#3 - Is The End Of The Pandemic Finally In Sight? 👀

Chris Fearne attempted to reassure the Maltese public this week by unveiling plans for the upcoming COVID-19 vaccines, that will be made available in the coming months.

Fearne confirmed in parliament that Malta is set to receive over 1.5 million vaccine doses, from various different companies - namely Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca,.

Granted that the European Medicines Authority approves these vaccines, first batches are going to be arriving as early as January & February - they'll be offered free of charge.

Here's The Proposed Timeline 👇

The 1st Batch: of people to receive the vaccine in January will be healthcare workers, elderly home & mental care home staff and residents, as well as anyone over 85.

Batch 2: will include all other front-liners and everyone over 80,

Batch 3: will include everyone suffering from chronic illnesses, everyone over 70 and school and childcare centre workers. Batch 4: will include everyone over 55

Batch 5: will be open to the general public.

“Until the end arrives, we must remain responsible and vigilant. The virus is still with us and will remain with us until we vaccinate a substantial percentage of the population.”

- Chris Fearne

Bonus - Malta's Saddest Christmas Tree 😂

We thought we'd end this all with a pretty funny story out of St.Julian's surrounding possibly the most stereotypical local phenomena, potholes.

After a pretty sizeable pothole wasn't fixed in a main St.Julian's road, locals took it upon themselves to make their frustration shown by planting a tree inside the pothole.

Yes, it's an actual Christmas tree 🌲

Decorated with it's very own red bauble, planted directly into the pothole in the tarmac.

Hilarious 😅

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