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Weekly Story Summaries #1 🚨 St.Venera Lights, Swimming For A Cause & Toxic Cospicua

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Want to stay up to date with the news, but don't have the time?

We're here to solve that problem! FreeHour will be putting out a short Weekly Recap aimed at highlighting the past week in a few short stories - the good, the bad & the ugly

Let's get into it!


#1 - St.Venera Celebrations 🥳

During the partial-lockdown earlier in the year, one St.Venera road became synonymous nationwide with inspiration, goodwill & hope as they organised a number of events, including bingo, balcony parties, live performances and a Good Friday candle vigil!

Now, the residents of Dun Alfred Gatt Street have come together to spread some Christmas cheer by taking the initiative to decorate every single window and balcony in their road, and also put up loads of fairy lights and even a large Christmas tree at the road's entrance 👇


#2 - Cospicua Clouds 🚧

Some mixed feelings on this one.

On one hand, Cospicua is in the news because our government have launched plans to introduce a new shore-to-ship power supply for the Grand Harbour - which would make Malta one of the first European Ports to ever offer shore-side electricity.

On the other hand, many Cospicuans have been reporting an unfortunate issue where a cruise ship in the Palumbo shipyard has been spewing out toxic fumes for 40 days straight...

The MSC Splendida arrived in the dockyard on the 24th October, over a month ago, and has apparently "not switched off its engines since"


#3 - A Challenge For A Cause 🏊‍♂️

To end off on a warm note, let's talk about a particularly cold challenge that iconic long-distance swimmer Neil Agius is set to face...

In an attempt to raise awareness for obesity issues, and to promote the importance of leading a physically active lifestyle, Neil will pull his friend il-Mixu across the entirety of the Gozo channel in cold December seas.

Oh, and the whole time, Mixu will be lying on a paddleboard dressed as Santa Claus.

Anything for a good cause right? 😅


That's A Wrap! 😁

Hope you enjoyed our first Weekly Recap, we'll be experimenting with what kinds of articles we cover depending on the severity of the news, but as a general note we'll try to keep things lighthearted & productive for your reading pleasure 😉


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