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Week Recap #3 - December Vaccines, Taqali Wonderland & Record-Breaking Athletes 😲

Week Recap #3 👇

This week's stories include an important COVID-19 announcement, a magical Christmas feature in the perfect location and some amazing athletes 🙌

Vaccines Before 2021 😲

According to a recent statement by Chris Fearne, Malta will officially be rolling out it's COVID-19 vaccines, as early as the 27th of December.

This statement came following the announcement by European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen, who posted on Twitter saying that EU states will also begin an international rollout of vaccines starting on the 27th, 28th & 29th.

Malta's rollout will start with healthcare workers, and move on to elderly care home staff and residents, mental care homes and everyone over 85. Batch 2 will include ages 80+ and front liners, batch 3 will include those suffering with chronic illnesses as well as those over 70 and school / childcare workers.

In total, Malta is set to receive 1.6 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine including BioNTech-Pfizer and five other vaccine brands secured by the EU.

Christmas Wonderland? 😲

Taqali has been completely redesigned for the holidays! The brand new Drive-Thru Christmas Experience, which will feature a host of attractions for the whole family. There'll be many different decorative installations, including: a Snow Car Wash, a Candyfloss stand, Chocolate District, Little Elves Choir, Artisan Market and much much more!

Want a live show from the comfort of your car? Their special Car-aoke show is a quick burst of laughter, featuring 25 minutes of laughter, sing-alongs, horn honking, and light blinking fun - a mixture of laugh out loud gags combined with some great singing.

Finally, The Drive-Thru Chistmas Experience will have many different spots where you can experience Santa and his Elves, performers will be animating this magical festive town and visitors will be able to enjoy a spot of live singing, magic shows, acting skits and fun games.

Best of all? You can experience all this fun from the comfort & safety of your car! Some wholesome covid-friendly fun 🥳

Record-Breaking Athletes 🏃‍♀️

Named as the Athlete Of The Year for 2020, Janet Richard set herself apart back in August, when she set a new national record in the 400m at the National Championships.

Janet is an runner with Pembroke Athleta, she completed her single-lap race in an incredible time of just 54.06 seconds, which was 0.28 seconds faster than the previous national best set by Tanya Blake almost 20 years ago in 2001. Very impressive.

“Season 2020 has been somewhat of a blur. Competitions were being cancelled left and right and just like that the season was over before it even started. We were forced to adapt our training to running on the road and staying as fit as we could which was not easy.”

Janet's commitment to her craft is actually even more impressive than you might think, considering the fact that she spent the year writing and submitting her thesis, along with finishing her degree online to boot.

Mostly Positive 😅

Some good news this week. Hopefully, the incoming vaccines help to minimize our Covid issues and put an end to our "new normal". Until then, pay a visit to Taqali's Wonderland 😉

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