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We're Still Carrying Post-COVID Baggage From The Pandemic

We All Carry Sh*t

All human beings on this planet have some sort of baggage that they’re carrying. Problems can be heavy & weigh us down as we keep going through life.

The COVID-19 pandemic was something everyone had to face, whether they liked it or not - & no one knew exactly how to face it.

The pandemic changed our lives & now that we’re back to normal, we are still carrying the weight of the pandemic too - because ‘normal’ doesn’t quite feel normal anymore.

Sometimes, your old life has to fall apart before your new life can come together. Don’t hesitate to leave the past in the past.

Pandemic Baggage

We are still in the transition period as we figure out how to slowly let go of the pandemic.

Travel numbers are going up again, while testing is still required in some countries. Even big crowds feel odd - it almost feels nostalgic.

People died from COVID-19, leaving behind their families & friends to mourn. Others still have COVID-19 long-term effects.

Even though positive cases are high & health restrictions are low, we’re not as scared or concerned as we used to be about it.

People are still trying to get back to some form of normalcy even though cases in Malta are high again.

Looking Back

As we transition into this new & unclear period of our lives, it’s important to look back at what we’ve all been through & what a self-accomplishment it was.

Yet, now is also the time to learn how to move forward. All that baggage may be heavy to carry on your shoulders (& also on your mind) but we’ll get to our destinations eventually.

Someday, the pandemic will only be in the history books. When that day comes, hopefully, we’ll be at a good place in our lives to smile back at those hard times like at an old friend.


Are You Struggling With Any Post-COVID Baggage?

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