WATCH: Traffic Seen In Bugibba As Maltese Decide To Forget About Global Pandemic 😡

Whether you like it or not, Coronavirus is still very much alive.

While it's definitely reassuring that we've been getting a very low number of cases recently, that has only happened as a result of people following lockdown measures.

If however, we all decide to stop taking this situation seriously & head back outside to get our tan on, this will almost definitely result in a second wave of cases and a spike in deaths 😞

As you can see in the above video, it's almost as if a day of 0 cases is an indication to the public that it's time to party 😡

Many in our community have expressed their frustration, saying things like "even before the coronavirus we didn't have this traffic" as well as a sarcastic "I'm so proud of my country"

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