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WATCH: Paul Pogba & Other Manchester United Players Pick Their Favourite Maltese Landmarks 😲

The Players' Picks 👀

In a recently published video, 3 high-profile Manchester United players were asked all about the Maltese Islands. Paul Pogba, Victor Lindelof and Brandon Williams each played a game where they had to pick their top 4 favourite spots on the island...

This didn't just happen randomly by the way, Manchester United actually have a very lucrative sponsorship deal signed with Visit Malta.

The first thing on every player's list was the beach, where they emphasised how essential it was to find some relaxation time after a hard season. Pogba also highlighted St.Peters Pool, which he said would be an ideal location to visit with his family.

Pogba seemed to be quite a fan of our sights too, jokingly asking if he could choose 2 options instead of just 1, and also saying he'd love to swim in our waters - as long as there were no sharks 😅

Pogba chose St.Peters Pool, the HMS Southwold Dive Site, Valletta & Ghar Dalam 🔥

Lindelof chose Piazzata Regina, Blue Lagoon, the Blue Hole & Ggantija 👀

Williams chose Blue Lagoon, Wied il-Mielah, Domus Romana & the Valletta Skyline 😎

Thanks For Playing 🥳

Some great choices made by the red devils, whether you're a Manchester United fan or not, it's nice to see some international sports stars giving respect to our island 🥰

You can watch the full video here 😈

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