• Ryan Calleja Urry

WATCH: Drama Ensues After Controversial Pulse Victory In JC Elections 👮 🚨

This election has been long anticipated for all Junior College students, and after crowds waited a long and anxious 4-hours outside JC last Friday, the result was finally released.

They've made it a fourth, Pulse have won yet again.

It was quite a close call for SDM though, with Pulse winning this year's election by a mere 27 votes, and an SDM member having to be escorted out of the college campus after demanding a recount.

Pulse managed to win the majority for seven out of the eight positions that were up for grabs. The final position of "Social Policy Commissioner" has not yet been decided though, following a draw in votes, with both SDM & Pulse candidates receiving 665 votes each. 

More than 1,300 students voted in these elections, so an exact draw is quite interesting here.

Drama Among Pulse Celebrations

Following the announcement, many students were being a bit too rowdy as per usual, making use of multiple flares throughout the evening. Police on the scene reportedly took down details of said students who persisted in using flares, the word is still out on whether they will be reprimanded.

SDM's Reaction To The Controversy

SDM made their official statement on Facebook last Saturday, clarifying a few things and posing some very important questions to JC officials, definitely deserves a read if you're interested in understanding more about the more in-depth details of this controversy.

Did you vote in these elections? Have a friend that's out of the loop in the drama?

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