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WATCH: 50 Baby Turtles Waddling To Sea At Golden Bay Last Night 🥺

Tuuuuurtleeeesssss 😍

Want to start off your week on a positive note? This heart-warming video should do the trick!

Turtle hatchlings are attracted to moonlight on the sea surface - upon hatching, their instinctive response is to swim towards light, & that’s what we can see these baby loggerheads doing in the below CCTV footage 🐢

Footage thanks to Aqua Marine Water Sports security camera.

This adorable video was caught last night after 9.30 pm when an estimated 50 loggerhead turtles hatched from their nest.

Nature Trust’s Facebook page announced the news last night, saying, “The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), together with Nature Trust and volunteers, are on-site to ensure appropriate protection, guiding the hatchlings safely to the water’s edge.”

There are currently two more turtle nests in Għadira.

The loggerhead turtle has quite a long lifespan, and tends to inhabit tropical to warm temperate areas much like Malta. It is unfortunately an endangered animal though, and any disturbance to species' wellbeing is prohibited & subject to heavy fines of up to €2,400.

In light of the above, the Environment and Resources Authority is calling for the public’s help in reducing any harm done to loggerhead nests.

If you ever come across anyone harming or stealing the eggs in these nests, please do not hesitate to call the ERA on 9921 0404 to make a report.

The turtles thank you ❤️

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