• Ryan Calleja Urry

WATCH: 5 Of The Craziest Black Friday Videos Ever 😱

Discounts and sales are great, we all love saving money right ?

The problem is that when some people see an HD TV with a red 90% off sticker, they tend to turn a little feral. Like, a lion in the Sahara that just spotted a zebra after having not eaten in 6 days type of feral. Yikes.

The below is a compilation of the most shocking Black Friday scenes caught on camera. Also, they're a little graphic, don't say I didn't warn you...

1 - The Stampede 🦏

2 - Flat Screens & Fist Fights 🖥 👊🏻

3 - Castille Crowds Aren't Even This Loud 😅

4 - This is 5 Minutes of Total Madness 😫

5 - Meanwhile, Malta's Black Friday? Super Peaceful 😂

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