• Denise Perini

Want To Up Your Theatre Training Whilst Gaining 21st Century Skills? Studio 18 Is The Place To Be 🎭

Nurturing Theatre Skills

Ever thought you could act? Want to try & discover a new talent? Thinking of brushing up on your performance skills? Well then, Studio 18 is place to be. Hone in on your talent & take those skills of yours to the next level with the best training programmes out there.

Gain critical artistry skills, think outside of the box & thrive all whilst being in an enjoyable & encouraging theatre environment.

Why Join Studio 18?

Did you know that theatre training gives you essential 21st-century skills valued by the working world AND helps you become more employable?

From social skills to critical thinking, and problem-solving to self-awareness, Studio 18 is the perfect place to allow your personal & professional development to flourish whilst growing & becoming a more responsible & involved citizen.

A Welcoming Environment

From the tutors who'll push & challenge you to the group of like-minded people you work with, Studio 18 is a community of creative individuals that welcomes everybody.

They also don't focus solely on theatre training - but rather focus on the holistic well-being of the student as one of their main values.

Think well-being sessions & social events paired with excellent theatre training & a community of creatives - that's Studio 18 in a nutshell! 🌟

There's Something For Everyone

With a wide variety of training programmes, Studio 18 have something for everyone & anyone willing to dip their toes into the theatre world & learn. Whether you want to try write, sing or act, their programmes are sure to kickstart your career - arts-related or otherwise.

The sessions consist of training, along with showcases at the end of every term.

Programmes include:

  • Contemporary Theatre Making

  • The Acting Programme

  • The Playwriting Programme

  • Acting through Song & Performance Project

  • 1-2-1 Coaching

  • Individual Audition Prep

Check out their socials here for more information - or just fill in this google form & they'll get back to you with details about their programmes. Hurry though! Places are limited & their application deadline closes soon*

*Training programmes are open to people aged 17 & over.