Want To Start A New Life In Digital Marketing? STC Will Have You Job Ready With This ONE Course 😎

The title isn't an exaggeration, trust me 😌

STC are a pretty cool school. They offer state-of-the-art training facilities, have been in the business for over 20 years, and are partnered with world leaders in education such as Middlesex University, NCC Education and Cisco.


Why Choose STC? 🤔

Simply put, STC are an educational institution offering students the opportunity to receive internationally recognised certifications on a local level.

They're well known for having high-pass rates AND high employment rates post-course.

In many cases, students are hired within their industry within just a year of completing the course. In fact, 92% of their students hold a position directly related to their course objective.

Since STC have built a reputation for pumping out highly competent students, employers tend to go to STC first when looking for a new employee, that new employee could be you.


The Digital Marketing & Communications Course 💻

You'll be taught about various topics, ranging from the impact that digital marketing has in today's online economy, as well as how to practically implement strategies that convert as many customers as possible.

It's a Part-Time course, starting on the 18th July 2020 and ending on the 17th of October.

The lessons will mostly take place on Saturdays from 930 am until 130 pm, amounting to a total of 52 hours. The entire course, made up of face-to-face lectures, tutorials, seminars, and laboratory sessions, will cost you €580.

Do I get a fancy certificate at the end? 📜

Upon completion of this module (equivalent to 10 ECTS credits), you'll receive a certificate from NCC Education in the UK. This module forms part of the NCC Level 7 Diploma in Business and is available as a standalone module.


Wait, NCC Education? 🤔

They're a global provider of a British education that has produced over 1 million qualified students. They offer a complete education solution to over 200 Accredited Partner Centres in more than 45 countries worldwide.

The organisation works in partnership with Accredited Partner Centres and universities to provide students with an affordable route to obtain their UK university degree or masters in Business / IT. Learn about NCC here


How To Apply 😁

Step 1: Fill in the Application form (please stick a passport size photo on the top right)

Step 2: Send STC a scanned copy of the following documents: ID Card, CV & or School Leaving certificates.

Step 3: To secure your place, kindly send a 250-euro deposit via bank transfer, cheque, Visa credit card or cash. This balance will be used as a registration fee with NCC Education.

Terms of Payment: Applicants may benefit from our Easy payment scheme. This allows individuals to break down the costs over the duration of the course, through monthly instalments, without interest charges.


Want To Go Into Web Design Instead? 🤔

The "NCC Designing & Developing Websites" course covers the basic concepts & practical skills required in website design.

This unit will prepare you for an assignment which will need to be submitted towards the end of the course.

The student who performs the best in class will be eligible for a scholarship of the NCC Diploma in Computing (MQF Level 5) with a total value of €4,500.

The course is €580, but will only cost €174 due to the Get Qualified Scheme 🤯

Interested? Apply Here 😁


Send an email to info@stcmalta.com or visit their website to set up a meeting, and start the next step of your education today. 🎓