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Want A Perfect CV? Get Expert Guidance & Land Your Dream Job With Brand U 🥰 💼

There's Never A Second Chance To Make A First Impression 😉

Brand U are here to help you maximise on your potential. Looking for a job? Brand U will significantly increase your chances of landing your dream job, through great advice that's rooted in years of experience 😁 Brand U get this done by making you look good on paper, helping you to stand out online and advising you on how to ace your in-person interviews!

Sell Yourself With Brand U 👇

There are quite a few students that could benefit from this service, here are a few examples:

#1 - If writing isn't your strong suit ✍️

#2 - If you aren't naturally confident in person 😁

#3 - If you haven't had a job before 💪

#4 - If you struggle with anxiety 👀

#5 - If you want to stand out 🧍🏻‍♂️

#6 - Or, if you have an important interview coming up soon 💼

Read on to learn about how to solve these issues!

4 Stellar Options 📝

STARTER - With the starter package, you can send in your CV and cover letter, and for €25, Brand U send back a full one-page report on improvements you can make. You'll get feedback on design, wording & structure.

BASIC - With the basic package, marked at €45, you'll get an original, fully tailored resume and cover letter, complete with an excellent bio / intro. In case you were wondering, the way Brand U do this is by sending over a form which asks you about your educational background, career aspirations, personality traits etc - in order to learn more about you. 

Want to REALLY level up?

PLUS - The plus package, priced at €70, has the basic package and more because they also set up / update your Linked-In account, and also consult with you via a 15-minute call to discuss practical ways on how you can up your game. 

PRO - The pro package, priced at €120, includes the above plus package but also then helps you prepare for your selection interview. They do this by first conducting a 45-minute dummy interview with a seasoned recruiter, followed by a 1-page report on the interview and a 45 minute follow up call where feedback and points of improvement are discussed in detail.

Time To Get To Work 😇

Want an even sweeter deal? The first 50 people to order a package with Brand U get a 10% discount, so make sure you make the call!

They can also cater to your specific needs, so if let's say you need a new CV and help with your selection interview - they can do that too 😉

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