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APPLY: Wanna Work At FreeHour? 🤩 We're Looking For New Summer Interns To Join Our Growing Team!

Your time to shine has come 💫

Over the past few years, FreeHour has grown from a humble 2 man team to a constantly growing team of 8. We're always on the lookout for fresh talent with an eye for creating, so this summer we've decided to open the floodgates ❤️

What Does FreeHour Do Exactly? 🤔

As you may already know, FreeHour is a mobile app that allows students attending ALL 6th Forms & Universities in Malta to use a single application for all their student needs.

With FreeHour you can share your timetable, track weekly assignments & exams, find many potential job opportunities & even benefit from weekly student discounts.

On top of this, FreeHour also produces hundreds of pieces of content on our social media accounts - which inform, educate & engage thousands of students every day. This has quickly allowed us to become the #1 source of media for all youths & students in Malta.

Considering our large audience, the platform also attracts many local & international brands who collaborate with FreeHour to reach the student demographic in new & unique ways.

Why Join FreeHour? 🚀

1) The Atmosphere - The feeling of working at a startup is second to none, trust me. The day-to-day is exciting and always eventful. Never a dull moment 😉

2) The Experience - You'll gain loads of experience and insight into the business & content space. This will help you immensely if you continue in this line of work, or even if you decide to start your own business one day 😇

3) The People - We're a super friendly team of open-minded individuals, that's very supportive and accepting of new ideas. Not only that, but networking tends to happen often and you'll meet plenty of other people along the way! 😄

What We're Looking For ⭐️

As much as we love shiny CVs, we love unique personalities way more. So, if you're a confident, talented and ambitious individual who has his / her finger on the pulse of popular culture - we'd really love to hear from you!

With regards to available roles, we're looking to onboard 2 new interns for our 2020 Summer Internship Programme. During this experience, you'll become a fully-fledged FreeHour member with the ability to give input on almost everything we do.

The below roles are available on a Part-Time, Full-time & flexible basis - depending on the role and your experience, the internship could be both paid or unpaid.

Here Are The Skills We're Currently Interested In 👇

  • Content Writing 📝 - Writing short & long-form articles for the FreeHour Student Blog including research, idea generation, article text & design.

  • Videography 🎥 Filming & editing short & long-form videos for FreeHour & other collaborating brands.

  • Insta & TikTok Content 📸 Helping the team create more fun & engaging content for our Instagram & TikTok.

  • UI / UX & Graphic Design 👨‍💻 Ability to create mockups, in-app UI & other designs including the fundamentals of a User Experience.

  • Role in App Development Team⚡️ Ability to code in either iOS &/or Android including front &/or back end capability.

  • Assistance with Operational Tasks 🔥 Helping the team with day to day tasks, with regards to content, app & business relations.

  • Sales Representative 🚀 Reaching out, meeting & selling adverts to brands wanting to reach a young audience and keeping our ship afloat.

We're also looking for an on-camera personality - someone who's confident in front of the lens and has a great sense of humour. So, if you follow a lot of YouTubers and their vibes have rubbed off on you - shoot us an application below!

APPLY 👉 If you're serious about wanting to join our team, we'd like to know a bit about you 😊 We'll be in touch within the first week of July.

Just fill in this form whilst including any CV/Portfolio work you have!

Pro tip: Be original!

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