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Putin’s Biggest Critic Survives Assassination Attempt, But Is Dying In Prison Due To Hunger Strike…

Who Is Alexei Navalny? 🤔

Alexei Anatolievich Navalny is a Russian politician, lawyer and activist who came to international prominence by advocating against corruption in Russia.

Over the years, Navalny has been a high-profile critic of Putin and Putin's government. In August, Navalny was poisoned in an assassination attempt - which he claims was ordered by Putin himself.

Most recently, Navalny led an investigation on a secret, lavish palace off the coast of the black sea, which he claims belongs to Putin. The estate comes with a spa, casino, ice-hockey rink, private theatre, vineyard, and is the size of “39 Monacos”.

The Nationwide Russian Protests 🚨

Navalny was recovering from his poisoning in Germany, on his return to Russia, he was immediately arrested.

This unlawful arrest sparked a fury in the Russian people, who stormed the streets in the tens of thousands on January 23rd. Several media outlets estimated that over 100,000 people took to the streets in over 100 cities across Russia.

"The way they arrested him was against our constitution - if they can do it to a person like him, with millions of followers online, they can do it to us." - Ilya 23, protestor in Moscow.

There were also countless reports of the police inciting violence & using excessive force.

Navalny's Tortured Situation

Last month, Navalny went on hunger strike to protest the conditions in the prison, which he likened to “torture”.

Wardens have refused to let him see a doctor, and have apparently grilled chicken in his presence to torture him mentally.

Russia’s prison service said on Monday it had moved Navalny to a hospital after warnings his condition had worsened, nearly 3 weeks into his strike.

“Navalny’s condition has worsened so much, that even a torture camp admits it.” - Ivan Zhdanov, Head of Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation, said.

Over 1,000 Protesters Were Arrested Yesterday As Thousands Stormed Russia’s Streets To Fight For Navalny's Situation.

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