• Eve Sheasby

Valletta 'Christmas In The City' Plan Promises Winter Wonderland, Health Authorities Disapprove 😡

A Glimpse Of Hope ❄️

With winter fast approaching, all of our internal countdowns till Christmas have now begun.

Could any of 2020 actually be enjoyable? There may be hope left...


What's 'Christmas in the City' Looking Like? 🎄

Miss that festive feeling? Spending way too much shopping, aching from the laughter, and eating way too much is up next on the year's agenda. Here's what's in store for our capital city Valletta this upcoming festive season, which starts on the 20th November:

  • Children’s choirs: bout to get hella cute AND Christmasy up in here with some classic merry bops 🎶

  • Opera shows: a little bit of festive fancyness never hurt anyone, who's joining me? 🤙

  • Lit Lights: Valletta is known for their insane Christmas lights, thank gog that could never change, Valletta will remain the kingdom of lit-ness 💡

  • Magical Projections: A screen which is a building, if that hasn't convinced you, a screen which is a building which is playing christmas clips, Hah! Now you're convinced 🎥

  • Nativity scenes: The classic, how could we resist! Perfect to get you feelin' festive! 🎄

  • Extending open hours of retail shops: MORE TIME TO SHOP! Yes please 👉 👈

BONUS: Free parking for the public in MCP car park from the 8th until the end of the year.


Wait, What About The Pandemic Though? 👀

This initiative is lined up to be a huge investment from the government in order to boost businesses that have been hurt by the pandemic. It also allows the public to have a somewhat festive and normal experience in such a crappy time...

Unfortunately, the initiative has received quite a lot of backlash.


Pros & Cons 😔

Obviously, organising a national Christmas festival in our capital city mid-pandemic probably isn't the smartest decision our country could be making...

On the other hand, the aspect of helping out businesses is a very valid point, and maybe these festivities could happen in a way where all measures are enforced?

A difficult situation to say the least 🙃


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