• Eve Sheasby

Updated To IOS 14.2 Yet? 🤩 Apple Have Released 117 New Emojis!

More Ways To Express Yourself 👀

IOS 14.2 has got us happy with some sick new emojis. This time, there's a new initiative to involve more equality with their emojis, there are also plenty of new "mood" emojis 😂


Quick Overview 🤩

With 117 new emojis, there definitely should be one for everything. Here are a select few, so you can see what you're in for this update!!


Equality In Emojis! ⚤

These new emojis aim to target inclusion and representation. With many new emojis specifically for the LGBTQ+ community! Emojis such as women and men in suits and wedding veils, and the transgender flag will now be included.

They've also created non-binary emojis, like a non-binary Santa Claus 🙌


Our Top Picks 😍

Apple has also created some new personal favourites, such as the smiling crying face - let's just say I can see this one being verrryy useful 🤭 I also have a strange attraction to the olive emoji, I don't know when I'd ever use it - but I LOVE it.

Another personal fave, the pinched hand, perfect for when someone is making 0 sense 🙂


What's Your Favourite New Emoji? 😳

It's always interesting seeing which new emojis get added. Why was a boomerang only added now? Why did olives get an emoji but limes didn't? Hmmm 🤔

Drop your favourite new emoji in our Facebook Comments 😇


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