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UPDATE 🚨 University Of Malta Offers Explanations On December Sessions & Probationary Students 👀 🎓

So many details 😩

With the September exam sessions less than a week away, the authorities have finally released an official update regarding guidelines for students looking to attend Uni...

Students Under Mandatory Quarantine:

#1 - Medical course applicants can take their exam at home, but only under special conditions like dedicated supervision from invigilators. (this is the only course exception)

#2 - Students on mandatory quarantine during September sessions can sit for their exams in December instead.

#3 - These students can start their course at UM under "provisional admission" - which means they will be subject to certain regulations.

If students sitting for December sessions satisfy the General and Special Course Requirements, they'll be allowed to continue as regular students.

If they do not, but obtain at least 36 points, they'll continue the semester as probationary students until the end of the academic year.

Probationary students will be allowed to continue their course provided that they pass their first year exams. If they obtain less than 36 points, they will be withdrawn from their course.

Absent For Other Reasons:

#1 - If a student is absent for their September session for any reason apart from mandatory quarantine, they can still take their exam in December.

#2 - These students, however, will not be allowed provisional entry for their UM course.

Education Minister Owen Bonnici said that the above was done so as not to give this year’s MATSEC students an unfair advantage over MATSEC students of other years.

This is because in previous years, students who did not attend the May session could sit for a maximum of three intermediates and one A-Level in the September session – therefore they could not get into the University of Malta by sitting solely for the resit session.

P.S. As soon as you're informed by the Health Authorities you must remain in mandatory quarantine, you're required to inform the MATSEC Support Unit immediately by sending over an email to matsec@um.edu.mt.

This email should include a copy of the document issued by the Health Authorities.

If any of the above has been confusing to you, or you have any specific questions that haven't been answered, we strongly suggest that you call the University of Malta on 2340 2340 for clarification 📲

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